Digital Makers Asia Pacific

We are a team of Software Engineers and Developers from the Asia Pacific region. Many of us met because we participated in one or more of APEC's App Challenge events, and now we're expanding our network.

Digital tools and coding can help to solve local and regional challenges. Our community is made up of professionals making an impact in the world!

Vision of DMAP

We want to empower communities through mentorship, networking, and support for initiatives and tools that expand digital skills and coding in the Asia Pacific region. DMAP also aims to serve as a bridge between communities and policymakers to promote a local-based focus on digitalization, expand the benefits of digital tools and skills, and drive inclusive growth.

Providing Mentorship

Our team aims to provide online and in-person mentorship programs in APEC economies in their local languages. To help our next generation grow stronger with the help of their mentors from their own economy

Expanding Network

Aiming to help communities meet like-minded people locally (in their own region) as well internationally (in the other APEC economies). Also connecting them with policymakers to make their voice being heard and being able to make a difference

Empowering Communities

Empowering students and economies using open source projects and make a positive impact in APEC communities

Developing New Skills

Developing technical and leadership skills, to strengthen their communities and make them ready for future opportunities

Projects That We Are Involved In

We are actively contributing in humanitarian projects. Open sourcing and mentoring each others are always the core philosophy of DMAP community. Feel free to reach us out if there is any questions or requests!

APEC App Challenge

In collaboration with APEC, we help to organise APEC App Challenge to inspire developers to tackle real world problems. APEC App Challenge has been conducted in Vietnam 2017, Papua New Guinea 2018, Chile 2019, Malaysia 2020, and recently during the New Zealand 2021


MySukarela serves as a platform that connects volunteers with non-profit organizations (NGO) to conduct humanitarian tasks. Find volunteering events nearby you and get started volunteering now! It's conducted as a collaboration between the Malaysia Red Crescent Soceity and The Asia Foundation

Let's Code Asia

A platform for empowering kids with coding skills in their local language. Our goal is to empower kids and mentoring them to prepare them for their brighter future. At the moment most of the kids’ coding resources are in English, and there is no strong presence of mentors in less-privileged economies. That’s why we decided to change that, translating coding resources for kids in their own language, and mentoring them locally.

Meet DMAP's Members

This community aims to support any of your tech-related endeavour, provide a forum for you to mentor one another, develop leadership skills, thereby multiplying your impact.

  • Aiden Melone

    Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

    Atlanta Metropolitan Area, United States

  • Aree Oh

    Software Development Engineer


  • Arjun Verma

    Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

    Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  • Austin Polin

    Front End Developer

    Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

  • Benjamin Roe

    Head of Product at Yabble

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Cita Audia Ahlunaza

    Entrepreneur & Digital Innovator


DMAP - Launching Video

DMAP was launched during the APEC CEO Summit 2021, a virtual gathering of the world’s most powerful CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, prime ministers and presidents of APEC economies.

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DMAP is supported by

The Asia Foundation

DMAP was launched during the APEC CEO Summit 2021

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