About Us

DMAP's members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures from different places in the Asia Pacific region. Our community is made up of young software developers and digital entrepreneurs from different APEC economies. We support each other through mission-driven initiatives, and we provide a forum for you to become a mentor and a mentee all while developing important leadership skills that expand the impact of our members.


We’re expanding our community to promote inclusive digital access, skills, and platforms. We’re currently designing a mission-based project to expand access to coding language learning, particularly among school students from APEC economies. Coding will become the common language of the Asia Pacific region, it can drive inclusive growth, and help solve pressing regional challenges. Our team consists of members that are skilled in these areas :

Technical Lead

We are knowledgeable in building application ranging from web to mobile app. Our members are fluent in multiple programming languages.

Community Lead

Building community is always the core pillar of DMAP. We are passionate in making our goals into realities

Business Lead

The ability to understand pain points of the economies as well as scalability helps us to build applications that matter

DMAP Members Expansion

We normally invite shining stars that have previously participated in APEC App Challenges. Nevertheless, we are excited to onboard anyone who is passionate in delivering our vision statement

APEC App Challenge 2017

First APEC App Challenge was hosted with the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade and Google.The developers have attempted to build new mobile or web solutions to help the region’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSMEs) expand to new export markets

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APEC App Challenge 2018

APEC App Challenge 2019 was hosted at Papua New Guinea with the goal of encouraging developers to build an online tool or app that can help micro and small handicraft enterprises employ e-commerce platforms more effectively and build brand identity.

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APEC App Challenge 2019

APEC Chile’s 2019 agenda placed a special emphasis on women and the economy and prioritizes initiatives that will help empower women and women-owned businesses. APEC 2019 also emphasizes the role that digital tools can play in creating better jobs, wages, and quality of life

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APEC App Challenge 2020

The 2020 App Challenge Malaysia chapter was hosted online due to Covid-19 and focused on technologies to address the challenges brought on by Covid-19 on the tourism industry—a key sector across the region

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APEC App Challenge 2021

The 2021 App Challenge New Zealand chapter was hosted online due to Covid-19. It was conducted with the aim of building products that help people in the APEC region to rediscover the joys of travelling

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DMAP is supported by

The Asia Foundation

DMAP was launched during the APEC CEO Summit 2021

Contact Us : info@dmap-community.org